(NYSE: MCD) is a $100 billion organization with in excess of 37,241 areas, 420,000 full-time representatives and 1.9 million aggregate specialists around the globe. The United States is home to the most McDonald’s areas, yet there are a lot of other Big Mac darlings around the world.

McDonald’s originally entered worldwide markets in 1967 by venturing into Canada and Puerto Rico. Since that time, the famous junk food realm has built up eateries crosswise over in excess of 115 nations. Here are the nations with the biggest McDonald’s essence, as of information assembled in October 2018.

Most McDonald’s Restaurants

1. The United States – 14,146 areas

While a few sources guarantee that there are more like 16,000 McDonald’s outlets in the United States, the official figure is a little lower at 14,146. The most McDonald’s areas can be found in states with the biggest populaces, for example, New York, California, and Texas, however the states with the most elevated grouping of eateries are Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Maryland, and Louisiana.

Just around 31% of McDonald’s income originates from the United States, which is not exactly from Europe in general. Furthermore, McDonald’s has a larger number of areas than some other drive-thru food eatery in Europe, however this isn’t the situation in the United States, where the area pioneer is sandwich goliath Subway.

2. Japan – around 2,975 areas

McDonald’s first and most imperative Asian commercial center is Japan, where there were about 3,000 areas starting at 2018. This is a contracting or solidifying market, as there were 3,700 open McDonald’s eateries in Japan amid 2007. In 2015, the organization was shutting an area in Japan by and large every three days. Store closings proceeded as McDonald’s battled with higher information costs and a wellbeing cognizant purchaser base, yet the pattern is by all accounts moderating.

3. China – around 2,700 areas

While the brilliant curves achieved Japan in 1971, Hong Kong in 1975 and the Philippines in 1981, China did not permit McDonald’s until 1990. Development has been solid since, and now just Japan has more areas in Asia. Japan and China consolidate for generally 20% of McDonald’s aggregate gross income. In an exceedingly broadcasted discharge, McDonald’s said in late 2017 that they plan to about twofold their Chinese outlets.

4. Germany – 1,480 areas

Germany has the biggest McDonald’s quality in Europe, working right around 1,500 outlets the nation over. Given the German inclination toward speed and comfort, it is no big surprise the junk food model of McDonald’s has flourished in a generally extremely sound cognizant nation.

5. Canada – 1,450 areas

Canada actually has more McDonald’s than each European country outside of Germany. The main Canadian McDonald’s opened in Richmond, British Columbia, in June 1967. Canada might nestle the United States, however it would seem that the monstrous nation isn’t adopting a similar strategy to food, having short of what one-tenth the areas of its Southern neighbor.

5. France – 1,419 areas

The thickly populated nation, surely understood for its high end food, has grasped the curiosity of McDonald’s. In 2017, France was the second biggest European market for the ground sirloin sandwich chain.

6. The United Kingdom – 1,274 areas

The Eurozone cherishes McDonald’s. This area flaunts the eatery network’s most prominent measure of income, and in addition its most astounding edges. Indeed, McDonald’s is the biggest junk food chain in essentially every European country, with odd special cases, for example, Iceland, which restricted McDonald’s to secure neighborhood eateries. Together, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom represent the greater part of the European McDonald’s. It is dicey that Brexit will influence this particular buyer propensity.

8. Australia – 920 areas

McDonald’s in Australia remains a profoundly beneficial market, traverse the $4 billion deals check quite a long time. For a nation so inadequately populated, they have built up a McDonald’s propensity that is a relentless income maker for the organization.

9. Brazil – 812 areas

The biggest South American market for McDonald’s is found in Brazil, which is home to more than 800 areas. Brazil’s legislature opened an examination concerning McDonald’s in March 2016 after grievances from unionized work, in regards to establishment proprietors. This failed out, and Brazil remains a solid satellite station for McDonald’s.

10. Russia – 649 areas

McDonald’s figured out how to get into the Soviet Union similarly as the Iron Curtain was disintegrating in 1990. It presently works right around 650 eateries in Russia, opening 45 amid 2016.

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